Artwork by Orpheic Origins, a female artist based in Perth Western Australia.
Work by Orpheic origins, (2013) Two wax cast fish heads cast from real herring heads.
'Prayer for Dead Fish'-Orpheic Origins. 2013. 
This was my entry for the 2013 semester 1 sculpture exhibtion in the tangent gallery in perth WA. Good times. 
2 part wax cast of a real Herring that I caught! Surrounded by salt and glitter, wounded by two hand made arrows and surrounded by gold netting on black cloth, the fish faced a mirror suspended infront of his head and a wreath of white and pink flowers hung above the center of his body x
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fish ritual video

edited on final cut pro X

this video is before colour enhancement

some work i have made on my uni tumblr, mystical sandwich. follow if ya like ^___^

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joseph bueys glitch

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